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We help your company to detect its data leaks before someone else does.

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About Leakwatch

The first step to commit a cyberattack towards your company is the search for information on the Internet. Your employees credentials, technical information about your IT infrastructure, or sensitive data that could jeopardize the security of your company may have been published somewhere on the web. You must be the first informed to be able to react before they are used against you.

Leakwatch develops a technology detecting your sensitive data leaks in real-time on the Internet to alert you as soon as possible and empower you to take actions quickly.

How to use it

SaaS solution: Dashboard & API

We provide a Software-as-a-Service solution, which means that there is nothing to install on your system: we are ready to start monitoring your data leaks right now.

Our turnkey interface displays all the sensitive data we found about your company in an easy-to-use dashboard. Your security team can take advantage of a clear view on your data leaks and get all the required information to mitigate the risks.

Already have a Security Operations Center (SOC)? You also get access to an API endpoint which enables you to integrate our results in your own tools.

How it works

Collect. Analyze. Alert.

Your domain name is our starting point. Our technology puts itself in a potential attacker's shoes to seek sensitive information about your company on Internet for an attack - without being aware of the information he is supposed to find beforehand.

We collect data from multiple sources identified as regularly causing data leaks, looking for sensitive information. Our analysis tools interpret the collected data to find information that can compromise the security of your company, its employees or its customers.

Information we collect

Domain names
E-mail addresses
IP addresses
Potential threats

Some of our main sources

Leaked databases
Pastebin services
Search engines
Sharing platforms
Social networks
Data leak detected

About Privacy

Behind the data, there are people.

Because data is a serious matter, your employees and customers privacy is one of our main concerns. We develop our tools the most ethical way possible by taking a close look to the information we collect for the sole purpose of protecting your business.

About The Team

Infosec engineers + Ethical hackers

Information Security Engineers and Ethical Hackers team up to provide the solution that best meets your company's data leakage detection needs. Based in Valenciennes, France, we are available at any time to give you the information you require.

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Ask for a free trial to discover our solution

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