Spot your data leaks before someone else does.

You are already in control within your company. Get in control with what’s on the outside.

Gain visibility & control over data you don't hold.

Some of your sensitive data is out of your scope and you should know about it.

Leakwatch scans the internet to detect if some exposed information requires your attention. Turn unforseen threats into a proactive cybersecurity strategy. Stay focused on your inside perimeter while we watch the outside. You will be the first informed about your data leaks so you can take actions quickly.

Exposed information under control.


Benjamin Berthelot

Cybersecurity Consultant, Orange Cyberdefense

Orange Cyberdefense is the Orange Group’s expert cyber security business unit, providing Managed Security (MSSP), Managed Detection and Reaction (MDR) and Threat Intelligence services to organizations around the globe.

I used to look at different spots of the Internet every now and then to check if there was some exposed information we should be concerned about.

Was it efficient ?

It was time consuming as this job needs to be done on a regular basis and on a large scope.

Now I get alerted by Leakwatch only when an exposed information requires my attention so that I can focus on actually handling the issue.

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Gain visibility & control right now.

Data leaks notification. Advised remediation.

Providing qualified alerts with low false positives and actionable insights.

We warn you as soon as your private information goes public. Our refined warnings get ranked with a threat score to prioritize your attention. Get a clear understanding of the risks, take the right actions to mitigate and set up the best practices to stay safe.

Data leakage management, the efficient way.


Olivier Mathieu

Information Security Officer, Kiabi

With more than 500 stores around the world, Kiabi is an international leading online & offline clothing retailer for 40 years. This means managing sensitive information from thousands of employees & millions of customers in different countries with care. 

When sensitive data gets exposed, I get immediately alerted. I know where it was published, how it happened, what the risks are and how to react.  

Whats tools does Leakwatch provide you to stay efficient ?

The dashboard is very powerful. It centralizes actionable alerts and I understand where my priorities must be at first sight.

Their archives are really convenient to find legacy leaks and things that are not online anymore but that can still pose a threat.

If I want to automate tasks, like accounts password reset when we suspect account takeover risks, the API is a great ally.

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Get notified in case of a data leak.

Readable exposition reports for every stakeholder.

Understandable insights & metrics. No technical skills required.

Look at the big picture of your online exposition. Dig into our dashboards to pinpoint a well documented concern. Follow our guidelines to build a consistent data leakage management roadmap. From techs to executives.


Everybody can be involved, when necessary.


Géry Bans

Data Protection Officer, Kiabi

With more than 500 stores around the world, Kiabi is an international leading online & offline clothing retailer for 40 years. This means managing sensitive information from thousands of employees & millions of customers in different countries with care. 

My job as a DPO is to make sure the people’s data is managed safely and, when a problem occurs, to react quickly by taking the right decisions.

Is this something Leakwatch can help you with ?

With the Leakwatch dashboard, I have a clear view on the data that have been exposed and the actions I can take to handle the situation.

Insights are clear enough for me to either report to executives and work with our internal operational security team.

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Discover you online exposition.

A reliable team of experts is dedicated to help.

When you don't have the required skills in your team, it's fine. We have it.

Dealing with data leakage requires specific knowledge and experience. We work together with both your operational and executive members to deliver further investigations and contextualized advice with our tailored assistance or through one of our privileged partners.

Take advantage of our data leakage expertise.

It's easy to get started.

Turnkey solution delivering instant results with minimal setup.

There is nothing to install: we are ready to monitor your data leaks right now. Get an assessment of your exposed information on a centralized platform today. Managing a SOC ? Integrate our results in your SIEM or usual tools in minutes.

Data leaks monitoring made easy.


Guillaume Buffier

Head of SOC, Login Sécurité

Login Sécurité provides a managed SOC for enterprise customers. They wanted to enhance their results and provide their customers a more accurate view on their data leaks within their global security offer.

Leakwatch allowed our team to broaden the security scope of our SOC offer in minutes !

What about the integration ?

Thanks to the well designed API, we were able to plug the data leakage alerts provided by Leakwatch in our own dashboards.

Integration was quick and did not require infrastructure change.

Leakwatch helped us to find the best way to integrate their results into our processes and to take advantage of their alerts.

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Monitor your data leaks today.