About us

Ethical Hacking. No Bullshit.

We deeply believe in stuff others don’t.

We want to provide the best-in-class data leakage monitoring solution.

In an ever-changing landscape, we constantly adapt our tools and techniques to provide the best service to our customers.

A team of information security experts dedicated to the study and detection of data leaks.

OSINT professionals and cybersecurity analysts team up to help you detect your data leaks and protect you from them.

Our employees are passionate about cybersecurity and are constantly monitoring the latest developments in the industry in order to provide the most effective solution.


Industry leaders, entrepreneurs media & local newspapers talk about the next step in your cybersecurity strategy.

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La cyber-assurance,
un marché d’avenir ?

Leakwatch aide les
entreprises à maîtriser les fuites de données

Leakwatch met au point un logiciel pour contrer les fuites de données sur Internet

Leakwatch, la société
qui détecte vos fuites… numériques