Ethical Hacking. No Bullshit.

We deeply believe in stuff others don’t.

1. Be transparent.

You always know how it works.

You always know where the data comes from.

You also know when there is nothing to worry about.

2. Never make use of the leaked data.

Spotted leaked data is not prospection material. 

Spotted leaked data is not key to more data leaks. 

Spotted leaked data is not a way to show off.

3. (Move fast but) Don't break things.

We won’t breach other systems to collect data. 

We won’t collect data from systems that are not open by intent. 

We won’t harm other systems by collecting data.

4. Stay accurate.

There is no magic.

Buzz words do not detect data leaks.

Algorithms and technical expertise do.

5. Security first.

Always report when we find something jeopardizing the security of an entity.